The food that is considered to be good for your health is called health foods.  Health foods are very beneficial to the health.  These foods are usually classified into natural food and organic food.  The organic foods are naturally grown without the use of insecticides or chemical fertilizers.  The processing of foods without the use of additives results into natural foods.


 The popular natural foods include bone meal, nuts, seeds, vegetable juice and yogurt..   The desire to have wholesome food and also the anxiety that was caused by various studies linking certain chemical additives to cancer and other harmful disease has to lead to the gained popularity of health foods.  Foods that are sold as health foods are mostly more costly as sometimes the organic foods cannot be distinguished by their ordinary appearance.  Foods that have grown without the use of chemical fertilizers sometimes pass off to be ordinary fruits.  People have become more concerned about their health, and thus they are switching to healthy foods.  The certain change in food habits of people has ushered in a new kind of awareness among people while resulting in the rise of health food movement.


Enthusiasts have claimed their medication and nutritional value.  The claim that certain insecticides and chemical additives are harmful to human health is accepted by a scientific and medical community.  Health food supplements at have been discovered due to the increased awareness of different types of diseases and deficiencies. The main benefit of consuming healthy foods is termed as weight loss.  Weight loss is promoted by replacement of high fat and high Carole foods with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grain. 


Fibre in whole grain, fruits and vegetables ensues that one gets filled faster and keeps one full fir longer unlike the high sugar content. They will be less likely to exceed the ideal Carole range since they will be satisfied for longer.  Type 2 diabetes may be caused by a spike in blood sugar thus increasing insulin resistance caused by consumption of sugary foods such as white bread, fruit juice, soda and ice cream.  To help regulate blood sugar, there is an increased intake of oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain bread and complex carbohydrates.  Know more Here!



Blockage of heart arteries maybe caused by regular intake of high fat foods which increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  This may cause to stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases.  Consumption of olive oil, avocado, fish,nuts and seeds helps protect the heart. Health foods are known to prevent cases of cancers by consuming fruits and vegetables which contains antioxidants. Read more claims about healthy food at