Health means beings free from illness or injury.The goal of everyone is to live healthy lifestyle free from diseases and the ability to bounce from illness and related problems.Health comes in different way, the physical health and the mental health.Physical health includes the body functioning to its level best with lack of disease.Being psychologically and emotionally well gives  good definition of mental health.Coping up with comprising scenarios and recovering from difficult experiences gives an upper hand in having good mental health.The solid connection between the mental and physical health makes it difficult for one to function properly if the other is affected.


Good health depends on various factors.The environment affects our health directly especially to individual who may be genetic skeptical. Consider maintaining  good environment free from harmful substances.Nutrition plays a major role in maintaining good health.Maintaining a healthy diet at times may be a problem but not confusing as restrictive eating.Consume a variety of foods to acquire all the needed nutrients to get the disease fighting potential that foods offer.Eating particular type of foods may expose one to toxic substances that may affect your health.Eat the right proportions of foods to ensure balance in distribution of minerals and vitamins.To control the level of calories in the body eat fresh produce. Take fruits and vegetables regularly to help control the amounts of calories in the body. Get the green power supplement here!


Consider taking food that is made of whole grains rather than refined grains.Whole grains retain their bran and germ making them to be rich in fiber and nutrients.Refined grains are normally stripped of many nutrients and may have high levels of fats rather than vitamins.Take in more fish and nuts since they contain unsaturated fats.Fish and nuts contain omega three which is vital towards better health.Consume minimal animal fats from red meats and processed meat.Excessive consumption of fats and refined meat may cause heart attacks and obesity.Do not consume excess hydrogenated vegetable oils.Cholesterol that is found in hydrogenated oils is harmful exposes the body into experiencing heart attacks and low blood flow. Look for more information about healthy food, visit



Ensure the levels of potassium in the body is high and that of sodium is low.Maintain low intake of sodium in the body as it increases blood pressure.Potassium maintains low blood pressure hence an important necessity in the body.Include citrus fruits and bananas in your food as they contain high amounts of potassium.For bone growth take in the right amount of calcium and vitamin D.Calcium can be obtained from dairy products and The Real Thing supplements and vitamin D from fruits.Lastly enjoy your food  and be mindful of what you eat as it greatly impacts your health.